30 September 2008

18th September 2008

We had an early breakfast, Premier Classe hotels start serving from 6.30am so it was easy to make an early start and get on the road by 8am. Today was a shorter ride, only 170+ miles (est) to Boulogne and we wanted to get there and have a look around.

Also in our mind was the fact that having 'lost' our companions of the trip so far, we wanted not to catch them up on route but to arrive at the hotel before them and be nice and calm in trying to resolve the issues.

SOH had a GPS system, but the roads to Boulogne were well signposted, and we made a good team as our riding styles are quite similar (just think pipe and slippers - comfort mode)

We made good progress, stopping for fuel and a coffee on route; even so we arrived at 1.30pm and the hotel lets you book in even though the manager isn't on duty with a electronic system; easy to do and even displays the instructions in English as well as French.

We changed clothes, and went in search of some lunch before taking a look around. While we were walking back from Decathlon we noticed that a bike contained Tony and Sue was arriving so we walked back to have a chat with them; they were staying on an extra day to look around Boulogne town (we had established by now that we were just too far out of town to walk and neither of us fancied getting the bikes back out).

We arranged to meet for dinner, taking another visit to the Buffalo Grill where I had the cowboy platter and SOH had a lovely steak and between the four of us we drank two bottles of St Emilion so we were very happy as we went off to bed.

Daily Mileage : 183
Total Mileage so far : 1815

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