03 September 2008


Today will be the 6th Anniversary of Dad's passing; I kind of like the American expression, it is far softer than the more outright dead.

This is a picture of Dad just before he had a trial flight in the plane behind. Zeltus and I chipped in to buy it for his 70th birthday but he didn't take up the flight immediately saving it for a sunny hot day in September; little did we know that a year later on the same date he would go to sleep and not wake up.

Sam, joined him and the rest of the family last October and I can visualise Mum and Dad taking Sam and the rest of the dogs out for endless runs over the elysian fields chasing rabbits and having fun. God Bless.

A drink tonight of the Jamesons Reserve will be our toast to you.


AnneDroid said...

I like the chasing dogs over the elysian fields image. My mum talks of throwing sticks into the crystal sea for celestial labradors!

My thoughts are with you as you mark this anniversary and remember your dad.

My post for today has an aeronautical theme too.

Kathy G said...

You're in my thoughts.

My mom's been dead for 23 years, but each year on her birthday I get sad.

The anniversary of her death is not so much of a problem; she had cancer and suffered so much at the end that it was a blessing.

The W.O.W. factor said...

My thoughts are with you Sage, as I too have two days coming real fast that I take the time to remember them and miss their sharing in our lives! (my BIL and FIL)