30 September 2008

18th September

We had an early breakfast, the missing companions stayed missed (though this was a hotel they had apparently arranged) and they didn't show for the ferry either...

Tony and Sue just missed us having breakfast, but came to see us off and as they don't live that far away we will catch up with them before too long.

We arrived at the dockside before too long and having got through passport control (yes folks despite rumours to the contrary, our passports were checked to ensure we were entitled to come back to the UK); though because we were on motorbikes, we were not required to get off and have them searched, unluckily for us we simply had no room for goodies, but we will know better next time.

The ferry crossing was calm, much better than last time and all too soon we were back on British soil and heading home.

SOH will say that due to my suggesting let's go up the M1 that it took longer to get home than if we had gone up the A1 but in my defence I said I didn't mind which of the two roads we took - but honey, next time I will defer to you :-)

Total Mileage for the trip : 1943 miles

Many happy memories and we are already looking forward to our next trip abroad.

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