21 January 2013

Positive Thoughts #4

I am not actually trying to think of positive things, I wait until they pop into my mind. Honest.

Today's thought popped into my mind on the way to work. I was on the bus into Truro to work and I was thinking I was very lucky to work down here in a job I like but also to work in a city. Now I know to most of you, Truro is a bit of a small place but city it is and having lived and worked in London which is mahoosive and really busy it is a pleasure to visit and shop in Truro.

I previously lived in a village, albeit of 5000+ residents so technically larger than your average village and moved to Redruth which as I live on the edge is practically on the farm so I don't feel that I am urbanised too much yet if the weather is bad I can walk into town for most things and in fact the supermarket is within walking range.

At the back of beyond, being on top of a hill and living on the edge of the village it was 1/4 mile before you eve got to civilisation and had a budgen's supermarket or the co-op at the other end. When we had some bad weather both shops ran out of essential supplies and lorries couldn't get into replenish stocks.

So I feel lucky to live where I do, it may not be perfect but it is as close as I can get.

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Robert Morschel said...

Good attitude. I think one can find the positive in most situations if one just wants to.