13 January 2013

Jus Waiting

The Sudden Stratospheric watsit is making its presence felt on the eastern side of the country, with temperatures rarely reaching above freezing... here is it blue skies and sunshine, but we know that we are due to see some colder weather, though probably not the snow that the rest of the country are having.

I have the washing out on the line. though there is little wind. It will simply smell fresher for having an airing outside. The dogs, after a brief walk this morning, I managed to turn my ankle on friday afternoon... and strapped up took them up to the top field and threw balls for them; they are now sleeping it off nicely.

Lunch is cooking in the oven, I raided the freezer for a piece of pork to roast.... with roasted veggies and potatoes, dinner tonight is going to be slowcooked pork... soft, tender and very flavoursome. 

How are you spending your Sunday?


Bernard said...

Not a hint of snow here Sage.
I did think of doing a line of washing but there is not a puff of wind either!
I'm just off to Amersham for our monthly 'get-together' at the Organ Museum.
And I have haggis for dinner tonight. :) I know it's not Burn's night - but I eat it all the year round. In fact I don't actually know when Burn's Night is?
Cheers....B xx

dickiebo said...

How are you spending your Sunday?
Reading your blog. Obviously!!! lol