10 January 2013

Heading our way...

According to the weather forecast coldaggedon is about to hit the UK. Something to do with a sudden stratospheric warming whatsit (or some such name). Funny I always knew it as winter! The Great Siberian Freezer door have been opened and the draft is heading our way; thought I think the Eastern Counties might have it worse than here at the edge of the world.

There was, however, a lovely red sky on route to work this morning. I wish I had got my camera with me,  because the entire sky was like a warm red. If shepherds warnings have got anything to do with it, we are probably in for some not so nice weather (mind you as long as it is dry we can deal with most things). The airports willa shut, trains will not run because the rails are Icy, cold or some such other excuse. The roads will be impassable because of a lack of salt, gritters or statutory rest breaks by the Ministry of Stupidity.

The temperatures will drop to minus figures, getting rid of evil viruses such as no norovirus et al plaguing our little independent nation at the present moment, shops will run short of supplies as people stock up for the great disaster they are expecting and children will love the white stuff if they are lucky enough to get it.

Enjoy it people, be happy in a glorious winters' day that we will shortly experience, spring will be heading our way soon enough and the beauty that it promises will soon enough be here; already here we have golden daffodils to cheer up these dark days.

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