17 April 2012

Sunshine and Showers

A typical April day, sunshine, showers of rain, hail and thunder... the pond boys get to go out in between a lot of showers.

The loft insulation team arrived today, the loft insulation was about 60mm deep and is now a nice cosy 200mm thanks to the team who offered to do it for the grand sum of zilch.. I know I can't believe it either and I was certain it was a scam but no it is to do with a sum of money the council had to insulate houses and therefore save energy.. however it came about - I thank you.

Some more tidying up and hoovering, the guys having left a bit of a mess and then finishing off a book I was reading MM Kaye - an old one but a good one The Shadow of the Moon, about the uprising in India and is quite insightful as to why and how it came about but written in a novel form.

Dinner tonight is three way chicken, take one chicken, dismember it and curry the legs in Jalfrezi sauce, the breasts shoudl be cut up and together with leeks, wholegrain mustard and a cream sauce and the carcass in a pot with vegetables to create a chicken soup or stock for future use. Five meals one chicken... thrifty and good cooking.

Enjoy your evening

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