04 April 2012


The drum set and guitar have finally gone, releasing the spare room from storage ability and usable for guests. I am going to put Dad's leather chair in there, which was brought down from the loft yesterday and was covered in mould, but leather is good and a good go with saddlesoap will sort the problem out followed by a healthy dosing of leather polish to bring it up to a shine.

I have a futon sofa which turns into a double bed, with some cushions on it. I am debating getting rid of this and putting a double bed in there instead but I kind of like having a room which I can relax in without a tv in it.

My mum's camphor wood chest is in here too, as it is a north facing room and hence it is perfect conditions as no sunshine to lighten the wood. I have a picture somewhere of Mum lying across this chest in Malaya, she was so proud of it.. and I inherited it after they had both died and it was one of the pieces of furniture that was well wrapped before it was transported to the Edge of the World.

The built in wardrobe has my bike gear, and coats in because I have a pine wardrobe containing the quilt and pillows to go with the futon in it and it is then empty for guests. The nice thing is that it has two draws at the bottom and I plan to get a hanging insert akin to draws for inside too.

Plans are afoot for Tre Agan this year, keeping me busy but not too busy that I can't enjoy the sunshine in the garden as I am going to create a border this weekend.

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Jennyta said...

Keep up the good work, Sage. :)