03 April 2012

The Garden

I fed the grass last night, doing my plough the fields and scatter approach.. Jasper thought it was funny and wanted to catch what I was throwing and eventually I had to send him inside; this was funny because earlier he had been made to stay outside for picking up my soaking forsythia plant to get to the plastic bag which he proudly dumped on the nice beige carpet.. .grrhhh

The forsythia has now been planted, this will be the second attempt as the first one got mowed by someone who shall not be named.. not me I hasten to add. But I have high hopes, one more on my list ticked off if this one takes.

I also have plans to create a border at the bottom of the garden, where the robin red bush is, between that and the pine tree, just for colour and because at the bottom of the cornish hedge it is rough to mow so it might as well be a border as anything else and I plan to plant a magnolia tree there once I find the one I am looking for which grew to about 4 ft at the Back of Beyond but everyone I have seen down here is rated at 20ft high which is too big.

My fuchias are growing on a pace, and I have lettuce leaves planted and have a chilli pot to put out when the frosts stop - as long as the pond boys leave it alone I will be happy. They had the tomatoes off my plants last year. I have a chimney pot to put over the rhubarb, when I get around to planting it, but now I am the owner of a brand new fork and spade set, I don't think that will be too long and I am looking forward to eating my own produce again. I haven't yet set any runner beans, but I will be shortly - they will grow on in compostable pots and then into a grow bag type device as that seemed to work well last year.

I am even trying to grow lavender from seed, it was worth a try for 97p but I am not optimistic but we will see what happens

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A. said...

Lavender grows quite well from seed. I haven't ever sown any but I keep finding seedlings, so it must! :)