25 April 2012

Decisions, Decisions

Max, my motorbike has been sitting quietly in the garage but with one thing and another the weather, or the amount of work I have I haven't been out as much as I would have liked this year - personal situation and upheaval hasn't helped and I have to make a long term decision about whether to keep him and deal with the costs or to bite the bullet and pass him on to someone who will be able to look after him and ride him like he deserves.

With the economy the way it is and the increases in petrol, I am having to justify each and every journey in the car never mind the motorbike.. although the job changes afoot at my location mean that parking is going to be even harder may provoke me into using the bike rather than the car for work - that or use the park and ride scheme.

Unlike the Back of Beyond, the nearest meeting here at the Edge of the World is about 80 miles away and infrequently too; with many events requiring longer rides which while I don't mind riding alone I also have to think about the Pond Boys too.

One option is the Helston Bike Night which is on a Thursday.. it is local, I will get to meet fellow bikers and perhaps make new friends..

Decisions, Decisions....


Anonymous said...

Perhaps now is not the right time to make such a big decision? If he remains quietly in the garage and you SORN him for the time being, he won't incur any expenses and that will give you a bit of breathing space to make up your mind.

Sue xx

Jennyta said...

Helston Bike Night sounds like a plan - local and a possibility of meeting new people and making new friends. :)