21 November 2011

Sunday Sunshine

Yesterday we, in Cornwall, were blessed with sunshine and warmth. Unusually so for a late November day, but we had the windows and doors open, the washing on the line and even enjoyed a cup of coffee on the patio.

So it was somewhat of a surprise to hear how badly the eastern partof the country was affected by thick fog and bad weather so much so that flights were cancelled or delayed at many of the airports.

This time last year we were full of ice, cold, snow and dreadful weather. So much so that road clearing had to take place to get the cars out of the estate. Going home was equally problematic, and filled me with trepidation until I was safely parked and in the house - only to face the same thing the following morning.

The big kid in me wants to have snow, for the pond boys to run around in and run off some of their excess energy. Jasper is the big puppy dog, and full of beans luring Murphy into wild chases and slipping over in the muddy grass but both of them enjoying their walks together and much more calmly now we have halti's on them both.

Jasper has truly settled in at Tre Agan, and Murphy looks after him, ensuring his ears are clean - however this is not reciprocated by Jasper who is a bit of a Kevin at times... the unruly teenager just enduring care not appreciating it.

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