07 November 2011


I will admit to being a big kid and loving fireworks, but in the right place and at the right time. Right outside our door is a big communal green area (that the management company would like to build on but that is another story), and one of our kind neighbours decided in their wisdom that this would be a great place to set off their fireworks on Friday night.

They parked their cars safely away from the area, while other neighbours property was put at risk for a few bangs and sparkles; SOH pointed out, quite correctly, that if anything had happened either property affected or people injured they would have been liable but thankfully on this occasion all went well.

The pondboys looked up at a particularly loud bang, but didn't really react badly at all and other than a few more on Saturday night we were not particularly inundated with them. Other pet owners dread this time of year, as their pets get very stressed out by the fireworks both noise and colour. The sooner they clamp down on private sales the better for me as I think the best displays are the organised ones.

My sympathy to those people affected by the M5 crash on Friday night, it is never easy to lose a loved one, but in those circumstances it must have been horrible.


Jennyta said...

Couldn't agree more re private sales of fireworks, Sage. It beats me how, in these days of 'over the top' Health and Safety, people are still allowed to buy what are, in effect, explosives to do with what they wish!

Asclepius said...

I dont think I know anyone who bothers with private displays. Its a lot of hassle especially considering there are some truely magnificent organised displays with free entry locally.

fortunately my kitten saw the fireworks as nothing more than a mere annoyance for disrupting her between sleep naps.