03 November 2011

No More Cages

Jasper came to us at the end of March, and up until October he slept in a cage downstairs in the living room. This was partly because he was a bit of a chewer and we didn't want to risk his health or the house contents while we were out.

If we didn't shut him in at night, he would bounce around like a demented tigger, so we all could get some sleep if we used the cage. The drawbacks were that the dog hairs would be trapped underneath and it was very heavy to move daily, not only that making Jaspers bed (a double quilt - spoilt or what?) was damned difficult.

We made the decision to do away with the bed, when Jasper settled down enough, and replaced it with two plastic dog beds one for each of the pond boys. Murphy sleeps upstairs in his den (under our bed) and Jasper after a few nights of wandering upstairs and being told to go to bed is as good as gold and sleeps downstairs in his. He hasn't chewed anything other than one of my old socks and both boys looked guilty of the offence so no blame could be put on one or the other.

It will make Christmas easier as the cage took up a lot of space in the dining room, and we are in the midst of the run up to christmas with all the adverts starting to sell, sell, sell.. SOH and I have our christmas present as we treated ourselves to a new tv (I can hear the groans from Kath lol) but we don't tend to go out much so this is our socialising entertainment - we traded in our two years worth of tesco vouchers to pay for the majority of it and rest came from the remainder of our holiday money.  Just have to work out the technology now as this tv also comes with internet access when I get it sussed.

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