05 October 2011

Wet Wednesday

Today, two weeks to go and we said hello to the wet weather yesterday. No more blue skies, sunshine and warm autumnal weather and hello to the after effects of hurricane ophelia; lots of wind, rain and gloomy outlook.

The boys had their last jabs today, ready for a stay in kennels. I don't like the idea of leaving them in kennels, I have never been a fan of them, but luckily Murphy is used to it and it means Jasper will have some company.

A trip to Halfords saw a replacement bulb for the car, the second one that has blown since last year - mind you I cant remember whether it was the same side or not so that doesn't help, but it is now 10 years old and showing her age a bit.

Brunch was a McDonalds, though too cold for a milk shake so a hot chocolate accompanied a very plain burger in a bun but even that was too much for me; I really only have one to remind me why I don't eat them more frequently.

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