31 October 2011

Under African Skies

This was the view from our room, out over to the beach and the small swimming pool where we spent our days.

The hotel was brilliant, full of marble and the staff were excellent - couldn't do enough for you. If you wanted a mattress for a seat by the pool they would bring it to you.

The beach most days was quiet, but that was because if you ventured on there the salesmen would be after you constantly pestering you to buy their 'not-so'honest branded goods.

Failing that the camel vendors would try and get you to ride a camel...shame really because I would have liked to have got a bit closer.

The star member of staff was a lady called Bassma who created this swan for us on the first day and then surprised us with the heart on our last day..even including Barncoose the bear as part of her design... such talent and a very sweet person.

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