20 October 2011

Can you spot it?

Please don't put in the comments what the mistake is, only that you found it.. thanks to Dan for providing me with this one.


dickiebo said...

I have a 'thing' about words, so it was obvious to me.
I was reading the Mail today and see that the Dale Farm evictions were carried out by Baslidon Council!!!!!

soubriquet said...

Is it supposed to be hard to spot?

Recently, I followed a link that led me to a 'blog for profit' page, where some stupid woman was offering, effectively, to write blogs for other people, which seems to rather miss the point. The funny bit came in the page where she lists her other helpful activities, which include proof-reading and editing... on a page full of errors.
Ha!. I was tempted to edit her 'about' me page and send it back, but there'd be no point.

Ah well, I'll go chop some basli to go in my pasta.