02 October 2011

A visit from my Uncle Peter

Yesterday we had the pleasure of meeting my Uncle Peter, who moved to Australia when I was but a nipper and before my Dad was posted to Malaya.

I remember some of the family visiting us when we lived in the back of beyond, about 30 years ago but gradually as the years went by we lost contact with the Australian side of the family.

The about 18 months ago, just before the move to the Edge of the World I had an email contact from Uncle Peter as we were both researching information on the same branch of the family.

They are over here visiting, Peter with his new wife Julie whose family have branches in and around Cornwall (St Agnes, St Kevern, Penryn etc) and last night we met up with them and had a meal at the countryman.

I keep the family history box, which I inherited from my Mum and Dad who inherited it from Nan and Pops who were also Peter's Mum and Dad and when we went through it yesterday evening we were pleased to be able to give Peter some personal memento's of his early life including the telegram he sent from the Festival of Britain in 1951, the second telegram confirming he and his first wife Pat had made it to Tasmania and also some photos of him as well as his baptismal certificate. The other article we passed over was his wartime ration book.

We have some others that we need to get copied, but we agreed to scan these in as well and email them across.

I  certainly learnt some interesting facts about my grandparents, not all good, but all the same it was good to be able to share information about our own memories and also update each other on what we have been doing in the meantime. They have kindly invited us out to Australia on a holiday, which we would love to do at some point in the near future; just might need to win the lottery first!


Caroline said...

Must have been so nice to find out more about family, even if some of it wasn't so pleasant.

I have a small family, and we are all very spread out, and I must admit not so good at keeping in touch.

So different from when I was a child, and we all lived within a 3 mile radius. Maybe I should start a family box, sounds like a interesting idea.
Does each generation just add mementos which get passed down?

Jennyta said...

Family history is fascinating, isn't it? I recently made contact with someone on Ancestry with whom I share a great grandfather. As it happens, her grandfather was the 'black sheep' of the family!