19 September 2011

Saturday Nights alright... ;-)

One of the delights of Saturday night, well not every Saturday, is a meal from our favourite chinese the Hong Sing in Redruth.

We can order online, and pay on delivery which is excellent as after a hard day watching the football (well actually I sat in the car with a good book) and SOH was busy running up and down the pitch keepign the little blighters in line making various threats comments like Yellow or Red card?

Saturday night we tried a special chow mein, the last time we had a really good one was in Derby but hadn't had much success since then.. then we had some at Stithians show which was lovely and apparently the trick is to ask for it to be dry fried... bingo the chow mein was stunningly gorgeous and was scoffed immediately.

Needless to say, it is going to be on the regular list from now on and possibly replacing the fried rice.

So if you live in the locality or visiting from afar, I can definitely recommend a meal from the Hong Sing; I just wish they had a restaurent.. but you never know what will happen in future.

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Annette said...

Isn't that funny?
Saturday night is our special eating night.
Geoff is brill at cooking and always cooks something delicious.
His fav is his own Kentucky fried chicken although we call it Geoffreys fried chicken,its lovely and does taste like kentuckys.
But also we both love duck, with pancakes and we slice cucumber, onion, celery and anything else we have actually, into long very thin slices and then add the best, Hoi sin sauce.