04 September 2011


Arte et Marte
By Skill and By Fighting

My Dad, who is keeping Mum company, served for 24 years in the army and 22 of those with REME or Royal Mechanical Engineers better known as Royal Engineers Minus Education. He served with them from 1952 first as National Service, then full time. He was in Tripoli during the first uprising, then Blandford Forum where yours truly was hatched after a fast exit from Tripoli where Mum lost a lot of her precious belongings. Later they moved to Arborfield, before serving in Kluang, Malaya with 75 Aircraft Workshops, then we moved to Detmold, Germany to be with 4 Field Workshops before his final posting in Bordon, Hants.

I am trying to find the flashes/division signals for the German/Malayan posting but so far am not having a lot of luck. I will be able to apply for his veterans badge, through the Royal British Legion of whom we are now a member of their riders branch... but more of that later.

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