28 September 2011

Despite the Warmth

Autumn is reaching out her tendrils and changing the leaves from green to glorious shades from gold to red... it never ceases to amaze me that something so simple can give so much pleasure.

The nights are drawing in, and are cooler but the days currently are warmer than we have experienced throughout the so called summer leading to more people enjoying a late summer holiday on the beaches of our country.

All to soon this brief glimpse will be eclipsed, but I for one will remember its warmth to keep me going in the all too long winter.

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Annette said...

I agree with you.
I love the seasons and take each one as they come.
Spring, my fav, when the flowers are just begining to bloom and their pretty little heads are just showing above the ground.
Summer, when all flowers, trees, bushes are at their best. Colour everywhere.
Autumn, like you the leaves are changing to a lovely gold-red colour.
Winter, got to be the snow. Love it.