13 September 2011

Being a Student Again - PGCE Part II

A minor hiccup saw me having to redo an essay on the role of educational theorists views on a complex issue. I was sure I understood the problem, but apparently I drifted off into the abyss of student blindness to the real question. Anyway, it was redone and successfully this time by a wide margin which was a relief as it was a barrier to the second year stage.

So now, I am on year two. Back to being a student on a monday evening again, but this time it is only up until October as we are expected to be selfmanaging our learning time hmmm I forsee problems with that so plan to build time into my days when free from work.

Unlike last year, when we had to submit two pieces of work at the end of the module, this year they have built in at the midway point the first submission point. Which is the 8th November with the second being early January so a little more pressure this year and requires a bit more dedication - please note self I said a little more dedication ;-)

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