25 November 2009

Yesterday's Post and More Ideas

I got a few comments on the learning Cornish post of yesterday, some positive some less so and each valid for their reasons. My main reason is because it is relatively cheap, keeps me occupied and since I am moving to Cornwall is in keeping with where I am living.

If I moved to France, Italy or Germany I would do the same, try to integrate to be part of the community and the only difference is that Cornish like Welsh is a regional language and signs etc would be bilingual. Dickiebo quite rightfully pointed out that this is in many cases just a means of jobs for the boys which I agree with but I also believe that there are too many instances where English/British individuality is being erased by eurobureacracy and that we often give up things of value which we should hold onto; whether Cornish fits better into this category remains to be seen but I hope it does and that it grows.

So where is this post going? Well Hadriana came back from London having visited the Language Fair (how I wished I had known this was on) and was saying about learning Latin. My old University (can one say that about the Open University?) got some government money for putting up learning materials freely available to all, which I remembered included a basic Latin course and I posted the link to Hadriana the link is here if anyone else is interested, as well as Latin it has more modern languages, French, German and Spanish as well as other snippets of learning materials in History, Art, English etc and all of it absolutely free.

So if you have every fancied having a look, learning a new skill or just browsing for free materials then please follow the link.

If you know of any more links, please let me know.

....and on a sad note, exactly one calendar month today will be Christmas Day ... sigh


dickiebo said...

Pull yourself together, woman! Sad? There's nothing sad about Christmas. In fact, it's a little bit like London. When you're tired of it, you're tired of life.
Now. Best foot forward!

Asclepius said...

No time to be sad! too much to do. I heard a phrase recently that caused me to set a few goals "so many places to be seen before you see your grave". Now all I need is the money to get to table mountain(seeing the top of that is first on my list).

Also loving the OU link, shame they dont have an introductory swedish course, its something I'm trying to pick up at the moment.

A. said...

What a fantastic resource that OU link is! I had no idea that they had freely accessible material. thank you for sharing that - it's really great to know.