02 January 2012

New Years Day at Gwithian

Yesterday was lovely, between the showers, so we took the Pond Boys down to Gwithian Beach to have a run and get the kinks out. Not to mention, tire the little s**s out so we could enjoy a peaceful New Years Day.

I would have had some pictures, but someone thought that it would be too wet to take the camera, so you will just have to take my word for it that the boys enjoyed themselves.

What was so funny was after a longish run on the dunes chasing tennis balls they spotted the pond where they swim and shot off towards it.. it was lovely to watch them enjoying themselves in the water it was just like having excited small anklesnappers seeing the fun through their eyes.

Dinner was a lovely lamb shoulder, roasted slowly with garlic and will make a final reappearance tonight as shepherds pie topped with creamy mashed potato and will be served with peas mmmm

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